The following are just some of the Web Sites created or maintained by LionessVSM Designs:

American Boxer Charitable Foundation
American Boxer Club
American Boxer Top Twenty
Arabian Horse Association Region 7
Bluebonnet Boxer Club
Boxer Club of Long Island
Boxer Club of Southern California
Breho Boxers
Cedarlin Boxers
CherKei Boxers
Chesapeake Golden Retriever Club
Darvick Boxers
Dallas Boxer Club
East Tennessee Boxer Club
Ensign Boxers
Epitome Boxers
Fulton Neighborhood Association
Fort Bend Lawyers Care
Galaroc Boxers
Georgia Buchla Cancer Research Fund
Glen Cove Senior Center
Goldridge Kennels
Har-Vel Boxers
Hi-Stand Boxers
Honeydew English Setters
Jocarta Egyptian Arabians
Keith Robbins Consulting
Mid-West Boxer Club
Nevada State Horsemen's Association Region V
New York Boxer Club
Potomac Boxer Club
ProC Boxers
Rochil Boxers
Ronard Boxers
Sarkel Boxers
Schoental Boxers
Southeast Florida Boxer Club
Therapy Dog Foundation
Victory 24 Hour Fitness
Additional Clients -- Past, Present & Consulting
Accord Fabric
Agape Willow Cattery
Alternatives For Them
American Canadian System Builder's Cooperative, Inc.
Blue Rock Boxers
Boomer Boxer Club
Boxer Base
Boxer Benefits
Boxer Club of Oklahoma
Boxer Info
Brad & Sons Tackle
Bravo Boxers
Bród Boxers
Cadan Boxers
Celeste Cattery
Clark Flooring
Cole Computers
Computer Masters
Credit Solutions
Focus Federal Credit Union
Fluefanger Cattery
Gort Geeks
Grand Lake Directory
Haven Boxers
HiMarks Boxers
HighTrails Boxers & YaYa Frenchies
House To House Fitness For Women
Interlude Boxers & French Bulldogs
Jerelyn Boxers
Jo-San's Kennels
KansasCats Club
Kathaven Cattery
Kittiharbor Cattery
Land of Oz Boxers
Las Americas Restaurant
Las Vegas Arabian Horse Association
LDL Boxers
Mortgage Solutions
Naua Bengals
New Hope Behavioral Health Center, Inc.
NewHope Boxers & French Bulldogs
Nickel & Dime Properties
Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club
OhMyCats Cattery
Patterned Heart
PecanHill Cattery
Pets R Treasures
Quilt Patterns 4 You
Rad Boxers
Right Stuff Handling
S & R Technologies
Salt City Cat Club
Sandtrap Farms
Sherlock's Club
Shishi Odoshi
Sun Horses
Terry Neese Center For Entrepreneurial Excellence
The Floor Guy of Tulsa
ThunderKatz Cat Club
Tulsa Pro Network
US Home Rescuers
Valkyrie Boxers
Velvet Wrinkles Cattery
Woodview Boxers
Your Credit Solutions