ABC and CKC Sire's and Dam's of Merit Books
Author: Sturlene Arnold



Sire's of Merit Book (cover) Dam's of Merit Book (cover)

Price: $40.00 each - $80.00 Complete Set

A Simple Gesture of Love!

These scrapbooks are a dream come true! Ever since I became involved with our breed in 1969, I always thought how nice it would be to see photos of all the champions you see mentioned in pedigrees. Now my dream is a reality ... and I'm able to share it with anyone interested in the Boxer and its many, many champions. Along with the devotion, dedication, hard work and love of these many breeders who have advertised their Boxers over the years, I can share my dream with you. For the love of the Boxer breed, my husband, Jim and I have put these books together -- not offered as professionally done texts -- but merely texts done for one simple reason...we love the Boxer.

We owe thanks in the culmination of this "dream" to many people:

  • A very special heartfelt thank you must go to each of the many breeders or owners who have either loaned or given me a photo of their champions to copy for these scrapbooks. Without their help, more pages would be missing a photo than there are.
  • A thank you must go to every Boxer person who has ever advertised or displayed a photo of their Boxer anywhere, whether it be a champion or not. Who knows which will be and which will not -- for each of our Boxers is loved the same. So many wonderful books have been written on our breed but I don't believe anyone has gone to the great lengths as I have to try to show every Boxer champion from the very first one in 1915 to the present -- along with a three generation pedigree if that was available, other information and the photo (if available), etc. Some photos will never be obtained for one reason or another...WHAT A SHAME!
  • A thank you to dear Marion Mangrum. Back in 1950 she wrote a book called "Who's Who in Boxer's" and in her photo section were pictures and pedigrees of early champions. I wrote her ten years ago, inquiring about her book and she sent me one. A most prized possession! I never met this gracious lady for a short time later, she passed away. I only hope she knows I'm trying to complete what she once started. Thank you, Marion.
  • The biggest thank you of all must go to my friend and "Sis" (adopted) Kris Dahl, of the Boxer Review magazine, devoted to the Boxer and their owners since 1956. Without the Boxer Review, I would not have been able to find the biggest majority of Boxer Champions from that time until the present to use in these scrapbooks. WHERE WOULD I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT MY BOXER REVIEWS??? For that matter, where would you be? Think about it ... worldwide distribution, connections among many countries ... and the friends you make along the way through the Review. Such a must for the breed!
  • And last, a thank you to all the future Boxer people who will advertise their Boxers for me to at least obtain a photo of that Boxer to update each month as they finish their championship.

Good luck to one and all, keep up the good work ... our breed is in your hands. Hoping to see your future champions soon!    Sturlene Arnold *circa 1985*

If you have a picture your would like to see/add to Sturlene's book. Please mail picture and information to her or Email:

New Scrapbook of Champions Offer

1915 to present, complete with SOM / DOM Books ..... No Longer Available
Scrapbook - Canadian Champions (26 Volumes) ......... No Longer Available
5 Generation Pedigree (copy of registration needed) ..... $15.00
6 Generation Pedigree (copy of registration needed) ..... $25.00
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SOM/DOM pages are $.35 each

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Phone: 918.846.2763

I would ESPECIALLY like to say thank you to Sturlene Arnold for all her hard work. Her tireless efforts to keep abreast of the latest champions and compile all the latest data are endless. Many of today's authors owe her much gratitude for her extensive research ... such as Richard Tomita author of The World of The Boxer. Sturlene exemplifies the true spirit, dedication and love for the boxer breed.

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