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DOB: 7/3/2002
Breeder/Owners: Bill Maxie & Terri Galle
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Great GrandParents
Great-Great GrandParents
Great-Great-Great GrandParents
CH. Valkyrie's The Kurgan O'HarVel
WP- 969393/01    DOB: 04/02/2000
Titled: October 20, 2001
OFA Heart: BX-CA00418/17M/C-NOPI
OFA Hip: BX-2641G/25M/PI
OFA Thyroid: BX-TH64/25M/PI
DNA Profile: V219261
Breeders: Barby & William Savage
Owners: Vickie & Scott Millard
Velda Rounsaville
CH. Valkyrie's Standing Ovation
CH. Valkyrie's Double Max
CH. Merrilane's April Fashion, LOM
CH. Merrilane's Holiday Fashion, SOM
CH. Merrilane's April Love, POM
Valkyrie's Galadriel, POM
Valkyrie's Thunder God
Missus Brandy Valkyrie
CH. Valkyrie's Cheyenne Gold
CH. Har-Vel's Gold Express, SOM
ICH. Marburl's Joshua, LOM
Har-Vel's Sweet n Sassy, POM
AM/CAN CH. Valkyrie's Hera, DOM
AM/CAN CH. Moss Wood's Zinger Zapper, LOM
Valkyrie's Freya, POM
Valkyrie's Legacy of Gold
CH. Valkyrie's Sheer Attitude
CH. Har-Vel's Desert Express, CGC
CH. Har-Vel's Gold Express, SOM
Har-Vel's Candy Kisses
Valkyrie's By Request
CH. Valkyrie's Double Max
CH. Valkyrie's Cheyenne Gold
Valkyrie's Mistress O Mystery
CH. Mystery's Cherdidit
CH. Ell Bee's Just Watch Out, SOM
CH. Mystery's Cherokee Maiden, POM
Valkyrie's Midnight Magic
CH. Mystery's Show Bis, SOM
CH. Independence First Light
CH. Cresther's Spectacular Bit
WP-673247/05   DOB: 12/15/1995
Breeders: Dr & Mrs Cres Farrow
Owners: Bill Maxie & Terri Galle
CH. Schoolmaster's Easter Noah, SOM
CH. Holly Lane Flamboyant Carlon, SOM
CH. Salgray's K O Aracrest, SOM
CH. Salgray's Market Wise, SOM
Aracrest's Rhinegold, POM
CH. Carlon's Classy Chasis, DOM
CH. My-R's Haybinder of Holly Lane, LOM
CH. Carlon's Sassy 'N Classy, DOM
School's Simple Addition, DOM
CH. Jo-San's Future Time, SOM
CH. Har-Vel's Josh's Gold, SOM
Har-Vel's Gold Dust, POM
C J's Memory Lil O' Schoolmaster, DOM
CH. Dasel's Discovery, POM
CH. Scampan's Jubilation, POM
CH. Jerelyn's KopyKat of Har-Vel
CH. Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal, SOM
CH. Shieldmont's Judge 'N' Jury, SOM
CH. Shieldmont's Issues N' Answers, SOM
Can. CH. Donessle's Night Wind, POM
CH. Shieldmont's Haunting Haze, POM
CH. Shieldmont's Dimension, SOM
CH. Verwood's Eclipse
CH. Har-Vel's Kansas City Kitty
CH. Mystery's Show Bis, SOM
CH. Ell Bee's Just Watch Out, SOM
CH. Mystery's Cherokee Maiden, POM
CH. Oliver's Solid Gold, DOM (ABC 1989 Dam of the Year)
CH. Har-Vel's Gold Chips, POM
Oliver's Meri-Lu-Ia, POM
DOM = Dam of Merit    LOM = Legion of Merit    POM = Producer of Merit    SOM = Sire of Merit

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